Gopichand’s Chanakya Live Updates & Review

Chanakya USA Premieres Live Updates

Tollywood ka Tiger Gopichand is back with his latest film Chanakya which has Mehreen and Zareen Khan in the female leads. Stay Tuned to this space for Gopichand’s Chanakya minute by minute live updates @ 04:30 AM IST (07:00 PM EST)

Chanakya Live Review rating: 2.5/5

Final Talk: The first half is so-so, and the second half also doesn’t match up to the expectations. The story of the film isn’t anything novel. We have already seen Gopichand in this kind of setup in Sahasam a few years back. The Re-recording and cinematography are the highlights of the movie. The performances are ok. Sunil’s comedy worked out whereas Ali’s comedy could have been better. The heroines don’t have much to do. The production values are good and the makers have put some genuine effort to shoot in real locations and not on sets. Considering Gopichand’s current market value, it would be difficult for Chanakya to make a mark at the box office. We will have to wait and see if the festive season will help to boost the collections. Overall Chanakya is a dull affair.

Movie Marks: Chanakya turned out to be Sahasam 2

7:22 AM: The movie comes to an end with a final twist. THE END.

7:15 AM: Unfortunately, one of Gopichand’s RAW team member gets killed. The movie heading towards an action-packed thrilling climax as the villain gang trying to use the RAW members for one of their ghastly terrorist attacks. Gopichand trying to save them. 

7:00 AM: Time for the lovely dream song ‘Oh My Love’ with Mehreen and Gopichand in picturesque locations. 

6:46 AM: After a lot of sketch work Gopichand gets hold of Sohail But there’s a big twist.

US Collections Live: Chanakya: $2,033 From 33 Locations (8:45 PM EST)

6:36 AM: Gopichand trying to trace out Sohail and his activities with the help of Zareen Khan.

6:25 AM: Gopichand is terminated from RAW but he is hell-bent on saving his RAW friends. He reaches Karachi and meets Zareen Khan who is an undercover RAW agent Zubeida acting as a bar dancer in Karachi, Pakistan. Zareen is dancing to the exotic song Hookah Bar.

The first half of the movie isn’t very impressive. Only the scenes depicting Gopichand as RAW agent are good. The silly romantic and comedy scenes don’t make much of an impact. The interval bang raises some expectations for an exciting second half. The scenes in Pakistan in the second half hold the key as far as the fate of Chanakya is concerned.

6:10 AM: Sohail played by Upen Patel, the son of the most wanted terrorist enters the scene and attacks Gopichand. A good fight scene ends with Sohail kidnapping Gopichand’s RAW agent friends and taking them to Karachi. He challenges Gopichand to come to Karachi and save them. INTERVAL.

As of now, except for some exciting flashes of Gopichand’s RAW scenes, the film is going nowhere with all the romantic and comedy scenes falling flat.

6:00 AM: Mehreen proposes Gopichand and it marks the entry of romantic song Darling.

5:45 AM: Ali enters as a dog doctor and some comedy scenes going on between Gopichand and Ali which haven’t come out well. The comedy isn’t clicking.

5:29 AM: Mehreen is introduced and Gopichand-Sunil has a small dispute with her because of which their bank job is in danger. Time for the outdoor song Gulabhi Gulabhi. It’s a decent rom-com song. 

5:18 AM: Gopichand successfully completes his mission. The titles roll. He is now shown as a bank employee as the film switches to normal mode. Raghu Babu plays his manager. Sunil is introduced as Gopichand’s colleague.

5:05 AM: Nassar is shown as the chief of Indian intelligence RAW. Agent Arjun played by Gopichand makes a cool entry. His job is now to catch the assistant of most wanted terrorist Qureshi played by Rajesh Khattar. Actor Jaya Prakash is also introduced as the home minister.

5:00 AM: Showtime Chanakya