Guna 369 Teaser Talk

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The First Look Teaser of Karthikeya’s Guna 369 is out a little while ago. The movie at least from the teaser looks like a routine Love Story, which runs into problems, and that leads the hero to violence. Karthikeya’s performance in two different shades of the character looks great. The new heroine, Anagha, looks disappointing. It has to be seen if he will be able to make a statement with the film.

Karthikeya who bagged a sensational hit with RX100 immediately bagged a disaster with his next film, Hippi. The movie is one of the biggest disasters in that range of films. Now, he is all set to try his luck with Guna 369. It has to be seen if the actor will bag a hit and prove his worth or walk into the oblivion.

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