Happy Wedding Movie Review

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Movie: Happy Wedding

Rating: 2.75/5

Direction: Lakshman Karya

Behind the Screens:

MS Raju’s Son, Sumanth Ashwin and Mega Daughter, Niharika Konidela who do not have a break in their careers so far are pairing up with each other with Happy Wedding. They have pinned high hopes on this movie to work at the box office. Let us see how the audience reacts to the film releasing today.


Anand (Sumanth Ashwin) is an Advertisement Script Writer and is in love with Akshara – a saree designer. They decide to get married with the consent of their elders. Anand is madly in love with Akshara but does not show that and it hurts Akshara. It was then Akshara’s Ex comes back to her bringing a whole twist to the Love Story. How things unfold later forms the rest.

Star Shine:

Niharika Konidela is beautiful and is natural in the role of a confused girl. Sumanth Ashwin has improved a lot in the film but he still has to work a lot on his dialogue delivery. Senior Naresh, Murali Sharma, Pavitra Lokesh, Indraja, Tulasi, and others are seen in supporting roles and they are okay.


Debut Director Lakshman Arya did a decent job with his debut even though the narration has been weak. Fidaa fame Shakthikanth came up with very average music. The makers brought in Thaman for the Background score and it has been very good. Bal Reddy’s Camera Work is decent while Srinivas Reddy’s Editing is good. Production Values of the film are average at best.


Happy Wedding is about the concept of Boys taking girls granted and becoming less caring after the girl accepts. It is definitely a youth connecting concept but the movie suffers pace issues. The first half is good and the second half is okay. But then, the movie gets derailed in the second half and becomes too preachy at times with many dialogues. So, this point makes it far from the masses. It can be an average fare to the Class audience.

Movie Marks:

Happy Wedding: Slow but Sensible

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Niharika Konidela, and Others

Dialogues: Bhavani Prasad

Producer: Sumanth Raju

DOP: Bal Reddy

Music: Shakthikanth

Editor: Srinivas Reddy

Banner: Pocket Cinemas and UV Creations

Release Date: 28th July 2018

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