Harish Shankar Takes A Shocking Decision

Harish Shankar rejects PINK remake

Harish Shankar is a talented director who knows the pulse of masses and classes both. He is one of the most successful directors in Tollywood right now. But he is one director who keeps relying on remakes. Even his last movie Gaddalakonda Ganesh was a remake of Tamil film Jigar Thanda. Whenever he has attempted an original script, the film has fallen flat on its face. Except for Mirapakaaya, all his original films have failed like Shock, Ramayya Vastavayya and DJ.

But now Harish has decided to change his path. He has decided to work with only original scripts. He was recently offered to direct the remake of Pink with Powerstar, but he declined, and the film eventually went to MCA director Venu Sriram. The sources claim that he has something bigger and better in mind for Pawan Kalyan. He wants to go with a powerful original script that will take Powerstar’s image to another level.

Let us hope, Harish puts in all of his creative juices in his next movie and deliver a Blockbuster this time with an original script.