Hema Malini to help accident victims

BJP MP Hema Malini who was discharged from hospital after getting treatment for her injuries she suffered from car accident decided to help the accident victims. Her daughter Esha Deol speaking to scribes informed "It is very unfortunate that they lost a family member. Our prayer to them and it’s very unfortunate. The whole accident is very unfortunate. My mother will help the families of victims. She is doing this not because she is a neta (leader) but because she is a good human being as well," On her mother’s condition she said "My mother Hema ji is back home and I am glad she is back home. Right now, she is a bit too exhausted. It was a bad accident. She definitely will talk to the media, but give her a couple of days. Definitely she will recover. As of now, I have just come to say that my mother is fine. She went through a surgery and has got stitches on her forehead, lip and nose, but she will be fine,"