Hero Karthi Special Interview -Khakee

Tamil star hero Karthi who has made a comeback to Telugu Cinema with ‘Oopiri’ is currently in pursuit of a hit as a solo hero with ‘Khaki’ releasing this Friday. Ahead of the movie release, MyFirstShow.com team caught up with him for a detailed interview:

Q: What is the motivation for you to do this film?

Khaki is based on a real-life incident which happened during the 90’s. I already know this case and when director Vinoth approached me, I have determined to do the film. The film is the backstory of actually what happened in the case back then.

Q: About the Research that went into the film?

I sat with the Senior Cap who is involved in the case. He narrated the entire operation which went on for four years. He narrated everything to me in four hours.

Q: Your Hard work for this Serious Cop Drama?

Khaki took a heavy toll on my body as the Police character itself is demanding and there are lot of realistic sequences involved in the film. My respect for the cops increased after doing this film and learning about what they undergo while in service.

Q: About Rakul Preet Singh’s Role in the film?

Rakul Preet Singh plays as my wife in the film and for the first time, the actress is seen in the role of a housewife. Initially, we have some apprehensions about her doing the role but she pulled it off effortlessly. Her role is entertaining even though the movie is a serious matter.

Q: Difference between Singham Police and Khaki Police?

Singham Police is Commercial Police and it is more of a fiction. Khaki is based on a real-life story. Some scenes are dramatized to make it more commercial. I will be seen as a DSP in the film and all my scenes have been showcased in a stylish manner.

Q: How do you look at Cheliya’s Failure?

Mani Sir when he narrated me the story, he told me that he is experimenting with the genre and asked me twice before signing the film. But I wanted to work with him and accepted it. I learned a lot while shooting for the film.

Q: Your Take on Kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth, Vijay and Vishal entering Politics?

Kamal Hassan is an educated man and I believe he will do justice to the people while he gets involved. Everyone is waiting for Rajini Sir Announcement. Vijay already said he is interested in politics and will come at the right time. Politics is not my cup of tea. It is a 24X7 job and is suitable to bachelors like Vishal.

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