Hero Movie Live Review

Hero Movie Live Review

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Hero Live Review rating: 3/5

Final Talk: The second half of the movie is slightly down when compared to the first half. Overall the movie is good. Director showed his intelligence story-wise. Like his previously directed movie Abhimanyudu, The director (Mithran PS) once again showcased his intelligence in direction.

Kalyani Priyadarshan got a very limited role to perform. She is mostly off the screen in the second half. Arjun’s role is a big plus point for the film. BGM scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja is quite impressive. The film is expected to do well at the Kollywood Box office.

9:15 AM: Movie heading towards climax. Villain gang traced out Sivakarthikeyan time for climax fight.

8:55 AM: Sivakarthikeyan steels Money from Villian and distributes it to poor families.

Second half lost the track and going on a routine progression.

8:45 AM: Arjun kills himself to save children

8:30 AM: Abhay Deol took money from Dubai Companies to destroy the innovative machine which was invented by Ivana. Sivakarthikeyan who rescued the machine from destroying is now planning to steal money and patent documents from Abhay Deol.

8:25 AM: Time for Title song and it is a good one.

8:20 AM: Villian Gang comes to know where Arjun is they attack Arjun. Sivakarthikeyan wears the Hero Mask and rescues Arjun.

8:10 AM: Arjun started narrating his flashback to Sivakarthikeyan. Arjun along with the kids invents an innovative machine. But Abhay Deol who doesn’t like Arjun’s policies blasts the innovative machine. In the blast, many people lost their life.

The first half of the movie is decent. Director showcased social issues which are happening in our society in a good way. Let’s wait and see how the second half is going to be.

8:00 AM: Goons attack on Sivakarthikeyan. Arjun comes in to the rescue. Time for interval Bang. First half comes to an end.

7:55 AM: As Abhay Deol came to know about Arjun and his school Arjun destroys the school in which he develops skills of talented students.

7:50 AM: Big corporates who doesn’t want poor students to showcase their skills filed a case against Ivana claiming that she theft the idea of someone. Ivana who is depressed with the move commits suicide in front of Sivakarthikeyan.

7:40 AM: Ivana took Sivakarthikeyan to Arjun. Ivana shows her invention a machine which runs on salt water. By showing the machine Sivakarthikeyan manages to get scholarship for Ivana.

Movie is going on a nice pace with sticking to the point.

7:35 AM: The movie shifted to present. Kalyani Priyadarshan challenges Sivakarthikeyan to allot an aeronautical seat for Ivana without giving bribe. Managments are refusing to give the seat without money.

7:30 AM: Movie shifted to flashback. Sivakarthikeyan is a brilliant student and is a district topper. Due to his father’s health issues Sivakarthikeyan has to sell his certificate.

7:25 AM: Kalyani Priyadarshan came to know that Sivakarthikeyan is printing duplicate certificates. She questions him why he doing all the stuff.

7:20 AM: Arjun entry as a teacher who is physically handicapped and he develops skills in talented Youngsters.

7:15 AM: Abhay Deol introduced as the Head of corporate educational system. He is a Bad guy.

7:10 AM: Time for Overa Feel Pannuren song. It is a pretty decent song.

7:00 AM: Robo Shankar entry as heroes friend. Time for Kalyani Priyadarshan entry as a volunteer.  Sivakarthikeyan is in love with Kalyani Priyadarshan

6:45 AM: Sivakarthikeyan works as middle man and vend college seats for huge money. He also prints duplicate certificates.

6:30 AM: Movie started with childhood scenes of Sivakarthikeyan. He is a Fan of Shakthimaan from childhood.