Hindu Gods insulted in the name of comedy

Tollywood film makers always treat Hindu Gods in a low manner and stoop to any level insulting the feelings of majority community in spite of repeated protests. In spite of some scenes in their films generating controversy, film makers are not mending their ways.

The year itself started with films Business Man song ‘we want bad boys’ in which lyricists penned lyrics ‘sriramudaina srikrishnudaina maakoddu.. we want bad boys’ hurting the sentiments of many. If this is not enough Raviteja’s Daruvu featured Raviteja shooting arrows on the buttocks of great sage Narada and even Chitragupta who counts sins of humans. Hope he is counting the sins of these film makers.

In many other films the same thing continued and though Denikaina Ready generated controversy for hurting brahmin sentiments film makers are not caring at all. In Devudu Chesina Manushulu Puri made mockery of hindu gods casting Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala as Vishnu and Lakshmi, turning them to jokers. These are only some examples and almost all films consists of scenes making fun of Hindu Gods. Even in Yamudiki Mogudu many such scens are there which film makers try to pass it off as comedy.Now in Genius in item song Rama and Hanuman were shown enjoying the navel of a item gal and trying to shoot arrows.

This shows Tollywood’s utter disregard to majority community’s religious feelings and sentiments. Wonder whether they do the same with other religions!.

Hindu Gods insulted in the name of comedy
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