HIT Movie Review

Movie : HIT

Rating : 2.5/5

Director: Dr. Sailesh Kolanu

Behind the Scenes:

Young Hero Vishwak Sen made a mark for himself with Falaknuma Das. He is three films old in the industry but is still waiting for his maiden commercial success. He is teaming up with Nani, whose maiden Production Venture, Awe! is a success commercially as well as critically. Let us see how the movie releasing today will connect to the audience.


Vikram Rudraraju (Vishwak Sen) is a cop who suffers from PTSD due to past trauma and works for the Homicide Intervention Team. His work is a constant trigger for him, giving him massive panic attacks, and yet he still wants to continue. One day, he is kept of a case since the missing is none but his girlfriend. But he comes back once the case gets murkier with another girl goes missing. How he solves the case later forms the Rest.


Vishwak Sen had done a superb performance in a character that has to deal with its past as well as the present. He is particularly good when he goes sarcastic but has to improve a bit in emotional situations. Heroine Ruhani Sharma has got a namesake role, and she is excellent in it. Hari Teja gets a character better than the heroine, and she is good. Bhanu Chander is wasted in a small role. Murali Sharma and Brahmaji are under-utilized in little roles, but they are good at whatever they are given.

Technical Performances:

Director Sagar Kolanu picked up a usual story for the crime thriller and infused it with a new premise by introducing the Panic Attacks Problem for the hero. However, the major problem with the film is the lack of gripping narration. There are no highs whatsoever, and at the same time, there are no lows as well. Writing, which is essential to keep the audience glued to the thrillers, is fine. Vivek Sagar comes up with an excellent background score. Mani Kandan’s camera work is another major highlight. The editing by Garry BH is fine, and the Production Values are appropriate.


The director takes his own time at the start to introduce the characters and establish the premise of the story. Once the investigation begins, the narration gets flat, but at the same time, it is not too boring. The director should have added some thrills there. The interval bang is too plain, as well. The second half starts with some initial thrills but slips into monotony as the investigation gives a stretched feeling. The movie picks pace towards the climax, making it a decent crime thriller. You would feel it neither a great watch nor an ordinary watch. Watch it for a time-pass if you like the thrillers. Others may feel it a tedious watch.

Movie Marks:

Hit: Vishwak Sen’s search For ‘HIT’ continues

Cast And Crew

Starring : Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma and Others

Music : Vivek Sagar

DOP : S Mani Kandan

Sound design : Sync Cinema

Art director : Avinash Kolla

Editor : Garry BH

Stunts : Naba

Publicity Designers : Anil & Bhanu

Executive Producer:  S Venkataratnam (Venkat)

Produced: Prashanti Tipirneni

Presented : Nani

Banner: Wall Poster Cinema

Release Date 28th Feb,2020