HIT Movie Live Review

Young hero Vishwak Sen is now coming with an interesting concept film Hit. The film is directed by a debutant Sailesh Kolanu. Hit carries a decent buzz among the audience, and it is to be seen how well it performs in theaters. Natural star Nani who always tries to introduce new talent to Tollywood, is bankrolling the venture under his Wall Poster Cinemas.

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MyFirstShow Live Review Rating: 2.5/5

Final Report: The film works in bits and parts. The second half drags but picks up pace towards the climax. The director has done a decent job in making a crime thriller but he could have made it more gripping. The motive of committing murders shown in the movie isn’t anything new and also it’s not convincing. Vishwak Sen has done a superb job as the man who has to deal with his past and present simultaneously. Others are also ideal for their roles. The BGM, editing and other technical departments have done their standard job. The production values are ordinary with nothing much to rave about. The film has some shades of Adivi Sesh’s last few thriller movies but lacks the finesse of those films. Overall, the film is strictly for those who enjoy investigative films. For others, it might turn out to be a tedious watch. We have to wait and see how the audience and box office reacts to this no-nonsense thriller.

Punchline: Vishwak Sen’s search For ‘HIT’ continues

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7:44 AM: With an unepxected twist the movie comes to an end. THE END.

7:32 AM: Vikram finally traces out the main culprit and cat and mouse game going on between them.

7:15 AM: The investigation has picked up pace and it’s getting intense now.

7:07 AM: A tragic finish to Preethi’s story makes the atmosphere sad. Some emotional scenes going on.

7:02 AM: Hari Teja is introduced as missing girl Preethi’s neighbour. Slowly the case and suspense shifts to her character.

First Half Report: The frst half of the film moves at a slow place but since the topis is relevant it holds attention in some parts. The director has managed not to deviate from the core storyline of the movie. The film appeals to the section of audience who like no-nonsense crime thrillers. The second half has to take the film to next level for Vishwak Sen to score his first hit.

6:45 AM: After some chases and a small twist the first half comes to an end. INTERVAL.

6:22 AM: Vikram has been handed over the missing girl (Preethi) on ring road case but heroine’s case has been handed over to his rival officer in the team. 

6:13 AM: While Murali Sharma is investigating the missing girl’s case, heroine Ruhani Sharma is a forensic expert in the HIT team also goes missing. The mystery deepens.

6:06 AM: A 20-year old girl’s car broke down on Hyderabad ORR and she goes missing.

6:01 AM: Bhanuchander is introduced as team leader of the HIT gang of Vishwak Sen which solves crime cases.

5:55 AM: Vikram is a specialist in solving complex crime cases.

5:47 AM: Vikram (Vishwak Sen) suffers from Panic Attacks due to some trauma in his past.

5:45 AM: Showtime HIT