Hostel Days censored

Director P.C. Reddy’s forthcoming movie ‘Hostel Days’ starring Raja, Ghazal Chand Thakur, Niyamat Kaur and produced by Allani Sridhar on the banner film media creations, has been screened for Censor in the preview theater at FDC for  certificate. After going through the movie the Censor board has awarded with ‘A’ Certificate for the movie. The movie is based on the student’s life in the hostel and how they face the problems in daily life while living in the hostels. There are some intimate scenes in the movie due to which the movie has been given ‘A’ certificate. Actors Jayaprakash Reddy, Suman Shetty and Babu Mohan and others were also acted in the movie and the music is scored by Mohini Raj.