Hot Anchor Instagram War With Follower

Hot and popular anchor Anusuya changed the meaning of exposing on the small screen (Television), she equalized meaning of glamour shows on big screen and small screen is equal.  Later on, many anchors started following her formula of exposing. It is an open fact that she is the one who acquired popularity and huge fan base with her styling sense and hot exposing on TV shows.

On another side of the coin, she also got some anti-fans who dislike her exposing on Television shows. She gets trolled off many times on her social networking pages for her dress sense and exposing on Television shows, but she has never taken the trolls seriously and she ignored them.

But all of sudden, she irked with one of the follower’s comments and respond in a serious manner. On her Instagram page, the man posted, “Do u have any sense Anasuya what is that exposing we can’t see the program with our family too”,

“Then you should opt not to watch, if you are so high on your family morals, then you should also know that you should NOT poke your nose in another’s job.. you should NOT dictate what to wear to anyone…you should NOT take the liberty to talk to a public figure, a woman, a mother, a wife to someone else, (sic)” she wrote.

She continued her rant, “It’s my business, my choice of what I wear and what I do…senses are in the control of the beholder. you will see only what you want to see…not what is shown.”(sic)  Further, Anasuya pointed out that she is an entertainer and knows her job well. “Why would there be child molestations?? Women as old as 65 years raped?? What “exposing” do you see in them??!! We are entertainers…and we jolly well know our job and limits more than you do…so I suggest you mind your life and restrict your diktats to yourself and NOT rub them onto others,” she added.

Some of her fans supported her of giving a strong reply to the follower and some trolled her. Anasuya is currently busy with a couple of films and TV shows. She is playing a prominent role in Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s much-anticipated film “Rangasthalam 1985”. Watch this space for more updates.