Hot Anchor Reveals Her First Kiss

Hot TV Anchor turned Film Actress; Rashmi Gautham was seen in Rana Daggubati’s ‘No1 Yaari’ TV Show recently. The actress boldly answered all the questions posed by Rana. When Rana asked about her first kiss, the actress without any qualms answered and said that it happened at the age of 14. She kissed out of curiosity. At that point in life she was very excited about the whole experience, she added

The Hot Television Anchor turned film actress tried her level best to impress the audience with her glamour in films and has got the tag of a Sex Bomb. But the audience has enjoyed the hotness on the Youtube and stayed away from the theaters making the films big flops. Her last film, Tanu Vachenanta is a big flop.

Fans and well wishers of Rashmi say she has a bright future in Television and also there is a dearth of good anchors there. They advise her to stop these film dreams and start concentrating on the anchoring to reach the Top position. If not she will finally end belonging to nowhere. But then as we all know film madness is a sort of addiction and it is very difficult to come out of it.