Hot Anchor spicy tweets with her fans

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Popular Anchor turned actress Rashmi Gautam is of the bold actress in Tollywood industry. She never hesitates or step back while talking about sensitive matters. The actress was once again in news for her bold statements.

In a chit chat with her fans in twitter, the actress has stated that she will be part of GT sequel when one of Rashmi’s fan on Twitter asked her whether she would act in GST2 If the sequel is directed by Praveen Sattaru.

So many websites and rumour mills has raised a question Immediately that if she likes to act in GST2 then there is no difference in changing the director for a nude film like GST.  However, Rashmi cleared the air by saying, that she mentioned GT 2, which stands for Guntur Talkies 2, NOT GST 2.

On the other hand in this chit chat Rashmi Gautam was mostly asked about Anasuya’s rude behaviour against a kid. They also requested Rashmi Gautam to advise Anasuya. Answering to the tweet, she posted, “She was at her mothers place picking her kids up she herself is a mother of two and there is no way she wud have pulled a phone from a kids hand and im telling this becasue she is FRIEND and all those people wanting me to give her ADVISE FYI i know her BETTER”

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