Hyderabadi CG recognised at Oscars

When ‘Life of Pi’ conquered 4 Oscars at 85th Oscar Awards celebrations at Los Angeles, Hyderabad is happy that its flavor found favour with Oscars jury. This is because ‘Life of Pi’’s animations work was done in an animation studio in Madhapur. It was a sense of proud achievement for the animation company.

Right after the film bagged an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, the members of the city branch of Rhythm & Hues Studio, were seen making an Oscar statuette with bright yellow and orange flowers on the office floor. Over 200 member talented team worked for the breathtaking sequences like few shots of the tiger Richard Parker in action, the exotic Meerkat Island and the cinematic ocean views, apart from other CG animals in the movie. Sravan Kumar Nunnasharing his experience says, “We are happy that our hard work has paid off. It was a rich learning experience. It was surreal to be creating CG characters that were so close to reality. Now, life for us has been divided into ‘life before Pi’ and ‘life after Pi!”
Sequence supervisor Mukesh Kumar reveals, “The R&D work for the film took us more than a year. The tiger had to look real. Even recreating the ocean was a challenge, as the film was actually shot in a water tank!”. wish the talent of Hyderabad for making their presence felt at Oscars.
Hyderabadi CG recognised at Oscars
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