IANTand IAFC Felicitated Union Labor Minister Hon. Kharge with "Prideof India" award

IANTand IAFC Felicitated Union Labor Minister Hon. Kharge with “Prideof India” award

Dallas,TX: “India is poised to transition from the thirdworld country to the third largest economy” is the theme of the eveninggathered at the FunAsiA Richardson, TX on Sun, Jan 29th, 2012 as apart of the "Community Reception to Hon. Mallikarjun Kharge, UnionMinister of Labor & Employment, India" jointly hosted by the Indian AmericanFriendship Council (IAFC) and India Association of North Texas (IANT) on Sunday.IAFC, founded in 1990 is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that provides andpromotes political education and a common platform to exchange views withLocal, National and International policy makers. Its mission is to improveUnited States-lndia relations, support developing countries, promote globaldemocracy, protect the interests of the Indian-American community, and educateMembers of Congress.

IANT isa non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization established in 1962with the primary purpose to serve the cultural and educational needs of theNorth Texas Indian community. This program is hosted under the leadership ofMr. Prasad Thotakura, Texas State Coordinator of IAFC and Dr. Sridhar ReddyKorsapati, President of IANT with support from a host of other local businessentities and community organizations based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Mr. Thotakuraextended a warm welcome to the Hon. Kharge and his delegation and over 300Indian American community leaders and professionals representing variousorganizations. Mr. Thotakura recalled the recent accomplishments of IAFC andrequested every citizen to become a registered voter to make an impact to thegrowing interest in US politics. Mr. Thotakura took the honor of introducingHon. Kharge to the audience and quoted "Mr. Kharge is considered acompetent leader with a clean public image and well versed in the dynamics ofpolitics, legislation and administration"

Dr.Korsapati, President of IANT extended a special welcome to Hon. Kharge in hisnative Kannada and quoted "History has shown that great nations haveinfluenced the world with their economic, diplomatic and cultural strength. Isay with utmost pride that India and United States of America are examples ofsuch great nations". We are blessed to be living in a democratic system andthe Indian community with strong education and work ethic has done extremelywell and we should leverage the lessons learned from this experience".

Hon.Kharge addressed the gathering and provided an update on various bilateralmemoranda on items of mutual interest, such as, mining safety, employment,social security and said that India’s GDP is poised to grow at a faster pacethan most of the nations. Mr. Kharge reiterated his commitment to improve childeducation especially to strengthen the rural communities. On behalf of IAFC andIANT Prasad Thotakura and Sridhar Korsapati jointly felicitated Hon. Khargewith “Pride of India” award for his over four decades of public service at bothregional and national levels. Mr. Sri Rajgopalan and Mr. Kuntesh Chokshi, PepsicoAsia Network also felicitated Hon. Minsiter Kharge.

Consulategeneral of India Mr. Sanjiv Arora who attended as a special guest stated theprogress of India in different sectors like industries, agriculture, serviceetc., is very satisfactory. He specially thanked the Dallas community for beingbrand ambassadors of India representing their motherland well in USA. PrasadThotakura and Sridhar Korsapati presented a token of appreciation to Mr. Arorathanking him for his continued and timely delivery of critical immigration servicesto the Indian community.

Ms.Shabnam Modgil, IANT Trustee Board Chairman also spoke on the occasionappreciating the community support to great events like these.

Dr.Keith Goddard, US Department of Labor International Manager, Ms. Lisa London,Director of the University of Arlington also attended the event. IANT officialsSwathi Shah, Loknath Patro, NMS Reddy, Indu Reddy and IAFC officials RaoKalvala, Sushmi Kosuri, John Hamid, Murali Vennam and C.R. Rao and MallegaKannada Sangha of North Texas felicitated several Government of India delegateswho attend the event.     

Thethought provoking, informative and educational community reception came to anend with vote of thanks by Mr. Taiyab Kundawala, Vice President of IAFC theaudience for their attendance, volunteers who spent countless hours of valuabletime, to media partners TV9, Sakshi TV and FunAsiA for providing excellentmeeting facilities and tasty food.

IANTand IAFC Felicitated Union Labor Minister Hon. Kharge with “Prideof India” award
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