Internal Clashes Between Allu Family?

Allu Arvind( Image Source : Google)

Hyderabad: Property clashes between brothers are increasing day by day. Not only ordinary people, but many celebrities are also approaching courts on Property clashes. Top producer Allu Aravind who knows the drifts created by money, has divided his properties among his three sons and sisters.

As Allu Aravind has already crossed the 70’s, he thought it is the right age to write a will. Allu Aravind, who is well known for his planning and foresight, took the right decision at the right time. To avoid property clashes between family members in the future, Allu Aravind has made this wise decision.

As per the will, Geetha Arts profits will be shared between Allu Aravind’s sister Vasantha, Allu sirish, and his elder son Bobby (Venkatesh). A Cube link also provided for Allu Bobby. Allu Aravind is expecting that Bobby will carry on the legacy of their home banner Geetha Arts to the next level. Geetha Arts2, the second Banner of Allu Aravind, is credited in the account of Allu Arjun.

On Flipside, from the past few days, there is news doing rounds that all is not well in between the Allu family. Due to stir in between family members, Allu Arjun is now building a new house. Allu Aravind’s absence at Allu Arjun’s new house Bhoomi Pooja has added fuel to the rumors. Although Allu Aravind is saying all is well, film Nagar circles are not ready to accept it. Let’s wait and see time will tell the truth. Stay tuned for this space for more interesting and latest updates.