Is It Really Sudheer Babu’s New Look?

In recent times social media is playing a crucial role in everyone’s life, especially when coming to celebrities the trolls, gossips, discussions on personal life’s, looks etc., what not netizens and media curiosity making everything as big news.

Going into details, six days back Sudheer Babu posted a photo in sherwani with a thick bread classic look on his Instagram page, said that ethnic wear getting ready for the family function. Everyone took it as casual. But two days back, a simple picture of a candid Sudheer Babu taking a selfie was posted where he was seen with a thick beard and a rugged hair as he was on a holiday.

Some of the Enthusiastic Media who didn’t make any news on the same look which was posted six days ago is now making news on two days posted selfie saying it as Sudheer babu’s new look. He made a complete makeover for his new film. Sudheer Babu who received big flop with today release multi-starrer ‘Veera Boghya Vasantha Rayulu’ is currently enjoying a vacation in Dubai.

Is It Really Sudheer Babu’s New Look

According to his new production house close sources, Sudheer Babu not yet Okayed any film, he is currently listening to stories and the photo with thick bread is just casual look, currently, he is on vacation. So, it clear that the new photo of Sudheer Babu with thick bread which is circulating on social media is not his new film look.

Watch this space for more updates.