Is Kamal Hassan Following Pawan Kalyan?

The History repeating in Telugu & Tamil speaking states again!!! Long ago in 1970’s & 1980’s top film stars who enjoyed successful film career had all of the sudden said goodbye to films for making a successful career in politics. Top Tamil stars like. MGR, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and Tollywood Natasimha NTR made a shocking decision and kept a full stop to films for serving people through politics. All the top stars acquired top positions in their respective political career too.

Now, again top heroes who are enjoying successful film career have announced their shocking decision of taking retirement from films due to political entry. It is known that one of the Tollywood top heroes Power Star Pawan Kalyan who is in politics from past four years has recently announced the shocking decision of keeping a full stop to films for taking an active part in politics.

Following in Pawan’s row, now Kollywood Star hero Kamal Hassan who is busy with two high budget films announced recently his political entry and yesterday he declared his retirement from films which shocked all.

Kamal Hassan was at Harvard University to collect the ideas for his project to adopt eight villages in different districts of Tamil Nadu and turn them into model villages. During interaction with National media he said, “Except for the two films which are coming out, there will be no more films for me.”

He is stick to his words and answered in a diplomatic way to question posed by a journalist will he come back to films if he loses elections. He said, “I will have to do something for an honest living. But I don’t think I am going to lose.”

Also added, “I am earnest. I am not here to improve my bank account. I could have led a happy, retired, popular life. My decision to come into politics is as I do not want to die merely as an actor. I will die in the service of people and that I have promised myself.”

Kamal concluded the interview by saying that his political party guidelines, principles, and agenda will be revealed on February 21st.

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