Is Mehreen A Dumb Actor?

Mehreen Pirzada who made her acting debut with the film Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha has acquired decent compliments from the film critics as well the audience. Later the film, she is out of success, and there is a buzz that she cannot act. Some of them even thought that she is a beauty with dumb expressions. But Mehreen keeping all the negativity ahead had attempted her latest movie F2. Surprisingly she proved her acting skills once again and gained a lot of appreciation from the movie lovers.

Anil Raavipudi director of F2 has opened up on this in a recent interview. He said that it is not that she is dumb but the characters given to her were dumb, and there is nothing to do with that. Mehreen played as a pair to Varun Tej where Venkatesh and Tamannah were the other pairs in the film. Mehreen did not sign any movie after F2. It looks like this beauty is enjoying her success.