Shocking! Prabhas20 Shelved?

Is Prabhas20 Shelved, Prabhas 20 latest updates

Prabhas is coming up with a romantic period film bankrolled by UV creations in the direction of Radhakrishna. Pooja Hegde plays the love interest of Prabhas in this romantic drama set up in different eras of time.

This evening everyone was taken by a shock when the hashtag #Prabhas20Shelved was trending on social media. There was talk among the Tollywood fanatics that maybe because of the corona pandemic the film has been shelved as the makers cannot go ahead with the shooting in various parts of the world as planned earlier. But when our team started to dig deep into this issue we found that this trend of Prabhas 20 getting shelved was an outcome of the disappointment caused to Prabhas fans by the makers.

With no updates from the filmmakers about the film, fans were turning furious and they even trended the hashtag #BanUVCreations just a few days ago. Even then the makers didn’t respond to it. Just to create panic among them, today the fans have trended this hashtag of Prabhas20 getting shelved.

We will have to wait and see if UV creations will release something to cheer up the hungry Prabhas fans.