Is Sai Pallavi A Lady Salman Khan?

In a glamorous field like film industry liplocks and exposing are quite common. But some of our stars are leading their careers with certain principles. If you have a look at Bollywood, Salman Khan will follow ‘no liplock’ policy in movies. It looks like Ravishing beauty Sai Pallavi is following the same rule in the south. In her career spanning four years and nine movies, Sai Pallavi has never exposed her body. She had only signed films in which she had a scope to perform.

To people who don’t know Sai Pallavi has lost a golden opportunity to work with Mani Ratnam in Cheliya due to her ‘no liplock’ policy. Now, Dear Comrade is the latest Addition that Sai Pallavi has lost due to her ‘no liplock’ policy. As per industry sources, Sai Pallavi is the first preference for Lilly’s role in Dear Comrade. But as there were a couple of liplocks in the script which was compulsory, the actress turned down the offer smoothly.