ISHQ Review: A Beautiful Entertainer

Movie:       Ishq

Rating:      3.25/5

Producer: Vikram Goud

Direction: Vikram K Kumar


Siva (Ajay) is a good sportsman and he is the only son of commissioner of police (Nagineedu). He falls in love with Divya (Sindhu Tolani) but the latter did not accept his love. As a result, Siva turns a psycho. Though his father tells him to mend his ways he doesn’t change his psychic attitude, hence the commissioner necks him out.
Keeping this aside, Rahul (Nithin) is a student and is on way to Hyderabad from Delhi. Soon after boarding the flight, he falls flat to a cute girl and prays God that she should get a seat by his side. God hears his prayers and the girl introduces herself as Priya (Nitya Menon) before sitting by his side. Though she did not understand Rahul properly in the beginning, she too gives positive signs to his love. Fortunately, the flight makes an emergency landing at Goa. Rahul takes Priya to her aunt’s (Rohini) house and there both Rahul and Priya further turn close. The director kept a twist here. On reaching Hyderabad, Priya realizes that her brother turned a psycho after failing to get the love of Rahul’s sister. Now, Rahul has the testing time to win the love of her family members? How he solved the problem? Did he able to marry Proua Why Divya refused Siva’s love? What the real twist in the story? Answers to all these questions have to be seen on screen.
Nithin learnt his mistakes and stopped all his (extras) mannerisms and routine dances by kneeling on the floor. Especially, he was so impressive and refreshing when watching ‘Kodi Baye Lachammadi’ song. He showed lots of ease and appears that he did the entire film with good enjoyment. Again, Nitya Menon would score good marks with her cute and innocent looks and good dialogue delivery. Why Nithin, even the audiences would definitely fall in love with her. Other artistes including Ajay as a psycho and short-tempered man, Nagineedu as police officer, Rohini as the hero’s aunt, Sindhu Tolani as a girl who fears in expressing and accepting he love, did justice to their respective roles. Ali, after a long time, tickled the funny bones of audiences well. Duvvasi Mohan and Supreet are okay in their roles.
Cinematography was handled by an experienced and award-winning cinematographer PC Sriram. He captured the beauty of Goa and other places excellently and every frame and every shot is a marvel. In fact, his photography elevated the film to a particular level. Likewise, Srikar Prasad’s editing too is very impressive and tight. Dialogues by Ramesh Samala are adequate. Music by Anup Rubens is okay. All the songs in the film are quite melodious and the background score too is enough. When it comes to screenplay and direction, Vikram did a nice job. Though it is a straight subject, the director kept some twists in the second half to create interest among the audiences. The entire first half was devoted to Nithin and Nitya. Love, humour and the first half easily passes off the time of the audiences. The second half runs with twists and turns and hence there were and ups and downs but good in climax. The director succeeded in weaving the love thread very well, but lost grip on the subject in the second half. However, the pre-climax twist, and the climax gives relief to the audiences. 
The strength of the film is the first half, pre-climax and climax. Nithin though looked refreshing, it could not give him any kind of relief and can’t make the film a hit. The film, no doubt, is a feast to the eyes because of Nitya Menon. The audiences would give marks to heroine, cinematographer, music director and director but not the hero.
Cast: Nithin, Nitya Menon, Ajay, Nagineedu, Ali, Srinivasa Reddy, Tagubotu Ramesh, Duvvasi Mohan, Supreet, Sindhu Tolani, Rohini, and others. 
Credits: Camera – P C Sreeram, Editing – A Srikar Prasad, Art – Rajiv Nair, Action – Vijay, Dialogues – Ramesh Samala, Music – Anup Rubens, Aravind-Shankar, Presents – Multi-dimension Entertainments, Producer – Vikram Goud, Screenplay and direction – Vikram K Kumar. 
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Released on: February 24, 2012