It's Hands burning time for buyers in overseas?

It’s Hands burning time for buyers in overseas?

Baahubali creating sensation at box office irrespective of Telugu Critics analysis and initial mouth talk due to its unique concept and visual treat. Also due to huge applause and great reviews from National and International media language hasn’t become a barrier to watch this movie for other peoples. It has been analyzed that in overseas market more than 20 to 30% Non-Telugu speaking people watched this movie especially in USA including other country nationals irrespective what language they can speak and understand. Also repeated audience is one more major reason to this outstanding $ amounts. Also people never watched movies or normally don’t watch regular commercial comedy movies came out and ran to the theaters to watch Baahubali. Now it crossed $6 million by end of 2nd week end which is unbelievable number and kind of impossible task for any other Tollywood regular commercial movie to reach these figures.

But now looking at these numbers exhibitors in USA will be tempted to buy yet to be released movies and overseas distributors are trying take advantage of this. There were several movies in line for next couple of months. Distributors of these movies showing Baahubali numbers and trying to sell their movies. What is going to happen is no need to say. Also it’s coming out that overseas distributors trying to buy the movies at higher than market value assuming that they will get new buyers in the market.

So, its ‘Hands burring time for local exhibitors as well as overseas distributors’ who ever buying upcoming movies at beyond the normal prices as every movie can’t become Baahubali or not even gets close to that at this point of time

So, Let’s wait and see what will happen in next couple of months and see who is going to burn their hands seriously!!

It’s Hands burning time for buyers in overseas?
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