Jabardasth Music Review

Siddharth, Samantha’s mass entertainer ‘Jabardasth’ directed by Nandini Reddy of Ala Modalaindi fame celebrated its audio launch recently. Music is tuned by Thaman and is available in market by Aditya Music. Bellamkonda Suresh and Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu is producing the film on Sri Sai Ganesh Productions banner.

Let us see what Thaman has in store for music lovers.

1. Song-Arere Arere  
Singer-Nithya Menon 
A beautiful song rendered by Nitya Menon. Her voice is husky and sweet and will make music lovers love it. Smooth music of Thaman comes as a surprise. The lyrics of the song depicts the emotional feelings inside a girl’s heart. Chorus brings in beauty to the song. 

2.Song-Allah Allah  
Singers- Shreya Ghoshal ,Naveen Madhav,Ranjith 

The song has khavvali flavor which is new to music lovers. Shreya Ghosal’s voice and Naveen Madhav, Ranjith’s singing gave unique look to it. Lyrics are mostly in Hindi true to khavvali tradtions. 

3. Song-Meghamala

Starting of the song looks like remix of old hit O Meghamala. Still Thaman has taken some inspiration from it but tune is totally different. While male voices have variety, females helped the song sail smoothly. The song suddenly changes track and goes moves into fast beat. There is a feeling that the song is too lenghty and could have been shortened.  

4. Song-Thees Maar Khan 
Singer-Naveen Madhav 

A fast beat from Thaman rendered by Naveen Madhav. It describes the qualities of Hero and should be seen how it is filmed in film. Beats are enjoyable with changing notes. 

5 Song-Lakshar Pori 
Singers- Muralidhar,Chorus 

Full out and out mass beat song sung by Muralidhar. Masses will really love it. There is scope for hero to bring in his dancing talent to the fore with his mass steps. 

Music Marks
Thaman gave all mass beats keeping in view of the film’s title. Except for the first song sung by Nitya Menon, a beautiful melody and then Allah Allah where he tried to be different brining in Khavvali notes, other songs are just monotonous. However masses may like them to the core.

Music Marks: 2.75/5