Jabardasth seductress supports blouseless saree

Rashmi trolls the trolls

Jabardasth TV Anchor cum actress Rashmi Gautam slammed netizens for questioning actress Priyanka Chopra’s dressing style. Many asked why she has to go blouse-less! Later, Rashmi re-tweeted the words of popular media that said, “Did you know women used to wear blouse-less saree in the pre-colonial India? Then why troll @priyankachopra for this!?”

And then one of the Netizens made degradable comments saying that children and women have to face troubles because of their bad dressing and exposing.

As a reply to this, Rashmi tweeted, “How about you take that nonexistent brain of urs and get off my twitter handle. And the biggest crime that ever took place was u being born,”

Must say, Rashmi has the ‘Jabardasth’ answer to trolls.

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