Jai Sri Ram in climax shoot

Uday Kiran, Reshma’s ‘Jai Sri Ram’ in Balaji N.Sai direction is progressing at brisk pace. Director informing the film’s progress said recently two songs have been canned on Harish Kalyan, Reshma, Priya in beautiful Goan locations and then a chase sequence. Previous week hero introduction fight was canned in Hyderabad.  He says the film revolves around honest cop who fall in love. What situations he confronts when he tries to do justice to his love and profession forms the crux of the story. Audio and the film will be released this month. Aditya Menon, Chalapathi Rao, MS.Narayana, Ali, Benerjee are starring in the film. Dake is the music director. Tella Ramesh, NCH.Rajesh are producing the film.