Janasena To Contest In 175 Constituencies-Press Note

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Janasena To Contest In 175 Constituencies

– With a structured election strategy.

– Let’s move forward from state level to booth level with an organized plan.

– Election strategy for Telangana will be announced in the month of August.

– JanaSena is the voice of a common man and depressed classes.

– Dev has been appointed as the chief political strategist of the party.

– Shri Pawan Kalyan meets JanaSena activists.

janasena contest 175 constituencies

JanaSena chief shri Pawan Kalyan announced that the Party is ready to contest in all 175 constituencies in upcoming 2019 general elections. He gave a call to all the representatives to move forward with a constructive election strategy. He made it very clear to make an impact from state level to booth level with a planned election strategy. Shri Pawan Kalyan held a meeting with key activists of all 13 districts at the Party office, on Monday. On this occasion, shri Pawan Kalyan introduced the Party’s chief political strategist, Dev. Shri Pawan Kalyan stated that Dev has been working with the party for 10 months. He also said that Dev will be working on election plans and the institutional policy designing.

Shri Pawan Kalyan said, “It is very easy for opponents to question the political experience of JanaSena. JanaSena, as a party, might not have much political experience but every JanaSena activist has a political experience of two general elections. Ours is the first generation of JanaSena. We are all from middle-class families. Our party has activists across all villages. JanaSena Party is being constructed in a most disciplined manner with strong idelogies. Power is resting in the hands of few and the fruits of development are unable to reach the common man. JanaSena is the voice of a common man and depressed classes. I planned to contest from 70-80 assembly constituencies and 8 Lok Sabha constituencies in previous elections but I had to support NDA considering the prevailing circumstances then. One should have a clear understanding of root level conditions and public issues. Contesting without having a better understanding of root level conditions leaves no scope for learning and doesn’t yield better result. Contemporary politicians would not understand the trend of JanaSena Party. A deep study went in to design the ideologies of JanaSena Party. Unity among castes is our first and foremost ideology. Castes should co-exist. JanaSena doesn’t represent a single caste. If so, we would’ve not supported TDP in the first place. Let’s start thinking beyond caste. JanaSena safeguards and promotes the harmony of all castes and religions. Party is being established to provide an opportunity to talented activists.

JanaSena has very wise and intellectual activists. JanaSena Party is not related to any caste, JanaSena is a family. Party needs the assistance of professionals to move forward politically, the exact reason why Dev garu is appointed as the chief political strategist of the party.

I have never stated that JanaSena is confined to only a few constituencies. JanaSena will contest in all 175 constituencies. Dev garu, with the help of CMPF volunteers whom I travelled with in the past, will devise and execute political strategies. We are working on a strong plan to build and take forward the committees from state level to booth level. On the other hand, we are strengthening the cadre in Telangana. We would announce the election plan of Telangana by the end of August second week.

Into Public,

It is time to go into public and enlighten them about various public issues and to lambaste the government over special category status and other re-organization promises. Schedule of my public tour will be announced before May 11. Details regarding the place of beginning will also be announced at the same time. I will be in public within 48 hours of my announcement of the schedule.”

Strong ideology to join hands with a structured political strategy: Dev

JanaSena Party chief political strategist Dev, addressing party key activists, said, “I have experience of travelling with various national and international political parties. I have been in this field for a decade. Pawan Kalyan garu is a leader with great politicial perspective. He is not a seasoned politician who exposes his face only during elections. Pawan Kalyan has a clear understanding of public issues and is completely aware of various social topics. He has designed and built strong political ideologies. We would come into power if party ideologies join hands with a structured political strategy. This has to be planned from booth level. My team needs your support. I will keep taking the thoughts and ideologies of Pawan Kalyan garu into public and keep sharing my election strategies with you.

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