Jersey’s Shocking Message to Dear Comrade Trade

Jersey's Shocking Message to Dear Comrade Trade

Natural Star Nani’s Jersey underperformed at the USA Box Office. With the positive talk and reviews it got, everyone is expecting Nani’s First Two Million Dollar film, but it is not the case now. The movie is struggling at 1.1 Million Dollars Gross. This shocked not only Jersey Team but also the USA Trade. The immediate cause of worry is for the buyers of Vijay Deverakonda’s Dear Comrade. They have shelled out huge money on the film, and if the film also underperforms like Jersey, they will be in trouble.

Moreover, Dear Comrade for some reason is not as exciting as Deverakonda’s previous films. The trailer is not so, and further, there are rumors that the makers are doing some reshoots. As a result, there is not much buzz around the film. The movie was supposed to release on May 31st but is postponed to avoid a clash with Suriya’s NGK. The makers are yet to announce a new release date officially.