Jiah like break-ups led to


Jiah Khan’s suicide due to breakup led many psychologists to come with new ways to handle such breakups. These include methods like The Thorny Way, Breakup Merchandise, Moving on Gifts, Breakup Party.
Thorny Way
Some experienced lot say  “One of my close buddies broke up with her boyfriend, for he cheated on her. She was terribly upset. She then learnt from some online sites that many people in the US gift cacti to their exes when they break up. She chose to gift her ex one and send the message across.” 
Break Up Merchandise
Now even breakups are given corporate color with many e-commerce portals offering break-up merchandise for spurned lovers.  These range from T-shirts, mugs and pendants with sarcastic and sardonic messages.
Moving On Gifts
One way to handle break-ups is part with Moving on gifts. Dr B Kapur, psychiatrist, says, “While gifting such items may seem ‘cool’ to youngsters, they can have adverse affects. While on one side, it may provide temporary solace to a person who has to prove a point with vengeance, it can leave an emotional scar on the person on the receiving end.”. He goes on to add “When two people have broken up, there is still an attachment between them. By sending a gift like this, it can leave an impact on the mind of the person who receives it. Usually, it is given by someone who needs to prove a point and establish superiority in that relationship,”.
Break Up Party
Some say breakup parties is good way to part ways. Many say this had picked up after the release of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Love Aaj Kal’.
Jiah like break-ups led to
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