Kaala Pre-Release Business

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Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala is all set for a grand release tomorrow. It will be a simultaneous release in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. The movie is also releasing in Karnataka after a favorable verdict from the High Court even though it is not full-fledged release. PA Ranjith who delivered a disaster like Kabali to Rajinikanth is directing the film. Kabali is one of the biggest disasters of Indian Cinema. The director is confident of making amends for the failure of this new film.

But then, the promotional material released so far are not at all exciting and as a result, the movie has no proper buzz. This is also a Rajinikanth’s film with least buzz even in Tamil Nadu. The advance bookings of the film are also quite ordinary. The project is being produced by his son-in-law Dhanush K Raja on his Wunderbar films Banner. The movie has to collect 280 Crore Worldwide Gross from all the versions to be a hit. Karnataka will add another 20 crores Gross target if it is a normal release. Here is the Breakup of Kaala Pre-Release Business:

Tamil Nadu: 60 Crore
Kerala: 10 Crore
AP+Nizam: 33 Crore
ROI: 7 Crore
Overseas: 45 Crore

WW Theatricals (Except Karnataka): 155 Crore Approx

Broadcast: 70 Crore
Music and Others: 5 Crore
WW Total (Excl Karnataka): 230 Crore

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