Kajal Distances from Arrested Manager

Kajal Agarwal’s Manager, Ronnie was arrested the other day by SIT Officials for involvement in Drugs Abuse. They even found Ganja in his house. There are several rumors about Kajal also getting involved in this case. The actress had rebutted those rumors and clarified that she has no business with their personal lives. SIT officials have so far questioned Puri Jagannadh, Subba Raju, Sham K Naidu, Tarun and Navdeep in relation to this case and are questioning Art Director Chinna today.

Here is the full text of Kajal’s Statement:
 “I am absolutely shocked and appalled about this whole incident with Roni. I’m in zero support of this and any behavior that is detrimental to the hygiene of our society. Having said that, just because I care for people who run errands for me does not imply that I can control their personal lives/choices. My parents have always managed my career and with everyone else from my industry, I share an extremely professional/cordial relationship. I’m unaware of their whereabouts and activities once their professional duties with regards to me are completed,” Kajal said.