Kalyan Ram Regretting His Decision

Kalyan Ram’s Entha Manchivaadavuraa came and tanked badly at the box office. The needed around 12 crores of share to break even but the film could only manage 6.5 crores in the first week. The film will entail losses to the extent of 5 crores.

Kalyan Ram had a decent hit last year with 118 and he would have liked to continue the success streak but that didn’t happen. The Satish Vegesna family entertainer, couldn’t impress the audience or the critics. Kalyan Ram was also rejected as the soft family-friendly guy. The audiences love him in the rugged, action hero image. Now Kalyan Ram is regretting his decision of trying to go for an image makeover. He already suffered a huge setback with Naa Nuvve when he tried to go for a romantic image.

Let’s hope that Kalyan Ram plays to his core strengths in his upcoming films and delivers a solid hit.