Kamal getting ready to counter Rajini

Kamal getting ready counter Rajini

There are reports that Superstar Rajinikanth is considering his Political debut and will be floating a new political party very soon. The actor is having consultations with fans for the last few months regarding this. The Main opposition Party in Tamil Nadu, DMK is keen on bringing Universal Hero, Kamal Haasan to counter Rajinikanth’s Political move. Reports say he will also be launching a political outfit and will align with opposition party DMK.

Kamal Haasan is being critical of the ruling AIADMK government in the recent times. Reports from Chennai say that Kamal Haasan has called for a meeting with his fans. He will be meeting with the members of his Fans’ Associations very soon like how Rajinikanth did recently. On the other side, Kamal Haasan has no movies in hand except for ‘Bigg Boss’ Tamil. His ‘Sabash Naidu’ was stalled after some days of shoot. There is a sudden vacuum in Tamil Politics post the sudden demise of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. It has to be seen which of these two Superstars will get the support of the Tamil people. Rumours are that Rajinikanth will announce the party on December,12th on his birthday and Kamal Haasan even before that.