Kanam Movie Review

Movie: Kanam

Rating: 2.75/5

Behind the Screens:

Naga Shourya who has got the first break of his career with Chalo and Sai Pallavi who has become a rock star to Telugu audience with the super success of Fidaa have joined hands for a bilingual film, Kanam. Let us see how the movie releasing today fares with the audience.


Krishna (Naga Shourya) and Tulasi (Sai Pallavi) love each other while they are studying and Tulasi becomes pregnant even before getting married. But the families are averse to marriage at that age and gets the baby aborted. They keep them separate for five years with a condition of marrying after Krishna settling down in life. They get married but Tulasi is still not happy thinking about the aborted baby. Finally, they get one more baby, Diya which is when trouble starts after the spirit of the aborted baby comes into Diya. Rest of the story is all about what happens in their lives.

Star Shine:

The story mainly revolves around Krishna, Tulasi, and Diya. Sai Pallavi once again made an impressive show as a wife and mother. Her performance just before the interval is very impressive. Naga Shourya for the first time in his career tried a serious role. Viranica who played the role of Diya is impressive. She has only one dialogue which is heart-wrenching. Priyadarshi is seen as a Police officer and is fine. Rest all are okay.


The movie is very impressive on the technical side. Director AL Vijay came up with an impressive concept of abortions. His thought should be appreciated. The background score by Shyam CS is very appealing. Nirav Shah’s camera work is excellent. Editing by Anthony is impressive and the movie runtime is just around 90 minutes which is necessary for such films. Even though the film is a small budget film, the production values are appropriate.


It is the story about Abortions and the point the director has taken should be appreciated. We have seen several horror stories with the spirits falling on children but since it is the spirit of an unborn it is an interesting point. It is a heart touching story of a mother. Even though it is the story of a spirit, more than the horror quotient we feel emotional. The story drops pace in the second half once the motive of the spirit is revealed. The climax again is unexpected. Finally, Kanam is an emotional film which is thought-provoking. But be warned that the usual commercial elements are not at all present.

Movie Marks:

Kanam: Emotional and Thought-Provoking

Cast: Naga Shourya, Sai Pallavi, Viranica, and Others

Writing and Direction: AL Vijay

Producers: Ali Raja Subashkaran

DOP: Nirav Shah

Music: Shyam CS

Editor: Anthony

Banner: Lyca Productions

Release Date: 27th April 2018

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