Karthi adopted a white tiger cub

Hero Karthi has recently adopted a little tiger cub of six months old, in Anna zoological park in Vandaluru, Tamilnadu. It is a white tiger with stripes on it. Karthi paid 77 thousand rupees to Zoo additional director S.Yuvaraju, to feed that cub for the next six months. Karthi went to zoo along with Diya and other family members. Diya is a daughter of his brother Surya and Jyothika. Diya was crying for that little tiger cub, she wants to take it to home. Including Karthi 17 members, who came to visit that zoo adapted animals. Tamilnadu tourism department paid 3.78 Lakhs rupees to feed 3 tiger cubs. Veelamma School management paid 3.5 lakhs and a stranger named Raja paid 1 Lakh rupees for an elephant. 

Hero Karthi said, it is first time to see a white tiger with stripes and he also added that everyone should take part to save wild animals.

www.myfirstshow.com joins with the readers to eulogize Karthi for his contribution to save wild life.