Khaidi Movie Live Review

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Young hero Karthi is now coming with an action thriller flick Khaidi. The film, which is written and directed by Lokesh Kanagarajan, features Karthi in a rustic look. Kollywood actors, Narain, George Maryan in crucial roles. Karthi, who disappointed the audience with his previous film Dev is trying to bounce back into the success streak with this film. Dream Warrior Pictures is bankrolling the venture. Sam CS is scoring the music.

Here is the Live Review of Khaidi at 09:00 PM EST (06:30 AM EST) Live Rating: 2/5

Karthi is already struggling in her career and Khaidi will be another massive disaster in his career. The movie runs on a water-thin story and is poorly executed without any excitement. Production values are poor. The movie will for sure not work with the Telugu audience and have little chances to connect with the B and C center audience of Tamil Nadu.

8:58 AM IST: Karthi finishes the Goons. The movie comes to an End.

8:32 AM IST: Karthi Reveals the Reason for him going to jail. His wife gets attacked and he kills the attackers to save her and goes to jail.

8:21 AM IST: Nothing much is happening. Just attack after attack without any excitement.

The First Half is Pretty Ordinary without any excitement. The entire story runs on a single thread and it has to be seen how the second half is.

7:58 AM IST: Twist. Harish Uttaman is the Main Villain and he is already in jail. Interval

7:50 AM IST: One More Attack on the Lorry. Karthi Gets Down and Fights. Okay Fight. Meanwhile, another attack on the Commissioner’s Office.

7:36 AM IST: Karthi averts a major attack on the Lorry Tactically. Karthi is keen on going to meet his daughter.

7:14 AM IST: The Lorry should transport the sick Police Officials through a difficult ghat road stretching for 80 Kilometers. After that, they should seize the load of Cocaine.

7:05 AM IST: Karthi enters as a Prisoner who is out on Parole. He has a daughter growing in an orphanage. Narain wants him to drive a Lorry but Karthi is reluctant. He finally agrees. The Lorry is not in good condition to drive

7:02 AM IST: The villain gang is on an elimination spree. Cops in the Commissioner office are unconscious due to drugs mixed in the Water.

6:59 AM IST: Rolling Titles with an English Song in the Background

6:56 AM IST: The Villain gang is in search of the five cops who seized the cocaine

6:50 AM IST: Movie Starts. Narain (Arul Kumar) is a police officer who seizes a container with cocaine weighs 900 kg worth 800 crores. The Villain Gang is looking for the Police Informer among themselves.