Kartikeya’s 90 ML Pre-release Business

Kartikeya Gummakonda is ready with his new release 90 ML which is releasing this week. Directed by debutante Shekhar Reddy Yerra the film is all set to release tomorrow. But there have been some serious censor issues regarding the content of the film. As the movie deals with a strange condition where an intake of alcohol is necessary, many scenes in the movie are centered around alcohol consumption. Censor board is giving a hard time to approve such content which might send a wrong message to the youth. The makers are optimistic that the film will release tomorrow though there might be some delay.

As far as pre-release business is concerned, the film has done a little less pre-release business than Kartikeya’s last release Guna 369. As that film turned out to be a flop the business of ’90 ML’ has nosedived a bit. But still, the makers have clinched a decent deal as the film got made under the banner of the cult hit RX100 ‘Kartikeya Creative Works.’ The non-theatrical rights also have fetched a good price and if 90 ML does decent business then the makers are going to be in the profit zone.

Actress Neha Solanki is playing Kartikeya’s in this out-n-out entertainer starring Ravikishan, Ali, Posani, Rao Ramesh, Roll Rida, and others.