Kathi Mahesh Banned from Hyderabad City

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Controversial Critic Kathi Mahesh is handed over a City Ban for Six Months by Hyderabad Police Commissioner. After a slew of controversies, Kathi Mahesh, a few days ago, made several objectionable comments on Lord Rama and Sita. This has invoked so many protests from Hindu Organizations. Police have taken him into custody a few days ago and questioned him. Finally, the Police have decided to Ban him from the city. Task Force Police have taken him into custody this morning and handed him over to Andhra Pradesh Police in the city outskirts. He was given an order not to enter the city with out the prior permission of the Police Department.
Hindu Seer Paripoornandha Swamy had announced undertaking Dharmagraha Yatra against Kathi Mahesh today. The Police have house-arrested the seer this morning refusing Permission for the Yatra. In the wake of the house-arrest, his disciples are coming in huge numbers to the Seer’s Jubilee Hills Residence. Police have become alert with this and banned Kathi Mahesh from the city. It has to be seen what the Andhra Pradesh Police do about him. This is not the first time Kathi Mahesh is at the center of some controversy. He previously got into trouble for making objectionable comments on Pawan Kalyan.

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