Is Kaushal’s cancer drama all fake?

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Bigg Boss fame Kaushal and his army have seen extreme highs and lows in past one year. But in a sudden development, things have turned worse for Kaushal. In a shocking revelation Kaushal broke out the news that his wife Neelima has been diagnosed with cancer.

Neelima has been his biggest support system ever. She played a vital role in him winning the #BigBoss title, and many know that she’s the one who operated the Kaushal Army.

And then, Kaushal reportedly revealed this unfortunate news during a recent Instagram interaction with fans that his wife got diagnosed with cancer and very soon she is going to undergo major surgery.

Some are also saying that after the recent fraud allegations against Kaushal and his wife, just to seek sympathy from media and fans, Kaushal is faking this cancer drama.


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