Kavacham Live Updates, Review

09.30PM EST –  The Movie Just started… Titles roling..

O9.40PM EST – Bellamkonda Sreenivas Dashing Entry As is cop and he fell in Love with Kajal agarwal….

09. 50 PM EST – Posani Murali Kirshna entry as COP and movie is going on in Vizag Backdrop

10.00 PM EST – One girl is kidnapped Bellamkonda Sreenivas started the investigation. He found Ajay as culprit an action sequel was on..

10.10 PM EST – its time for First single Tu Hi Mera song. the song is good and Bellamkonda Sreenivas rocked with his dancing skills.

10.20PM EST – Kajawal agarwal disappears suddenly. This was all happened in flashback episode Bellamkonda Sreenivas is narrating it to Mehreen pirzada. movie came to the present situation both have a good relationship.

10.30 PM EST – One more Kidnap Happened. Panda is the one who kidnapped the girl for money and it’s time for one more action sequence. The action sequence was choreographed well.

10.40 PM EST – Mehreen pirzada boyfriend left her and went on with another girl. Bellamkonda Sreenivas getting close with Mehreen pirzada.

10.45 PM EST – Bellamkonda Sreenivas mother met with an accident and doctor ask for 50 lacks for operation. As per Mehreen pirzada suggestion, Belamkonda demanded 50 lacks from Mehreen’s uncle Mukesh Rishi who was a rich guy, treating that he kidnapped Mehreen.

10.55PM EST – Mehreen family tries to trace Bellamkonda but failed. Bellamkonda took the money and saves his mother. It’s time for Vasthava pilla song. locations were good.

A big twist in the story is that Rishi is the uncle of kajal, a big confusion for Bellamkonda. With this twist, first half is completed. Up to now, the film is ok, Songs are good. Female lead actors pair with Bellamkona is good. Let us wait and see how the second half goes

11.00PM EST – Bellamkonda got suspended due to kidnap case now he trying to find out who the real culprit and background of Mehreen.

11.05PM EST- So far Audience of the impression that Ajay is the culprit but another twist of the line is Ajay is innocent. Mehreen is found dead on the seashore.

11.20PM EST – Bellamkonda is being chased by cops. Kajals friend saves him and reveals Kajal is in love with Bellamkonda.

11:25 PM EST – Tue Hi Mera song slow song is being played now. The song is good on screen.

11.30PMEST – Bellamkonda is trying to prove his innocence he got a clue of Kajals kidnap though a CCTV footage from a mall.

11.35PM EST – One more twist Rishi’s son is the culprit.

11.40PM EST – Harshvardhan Rane is the goon who tried to kill Kajal. Now He is revealing why he didn’t kill her.

11.45PM EST – Mehreen is showcased in a negative and now she is killed by Harshvardhan.

11.50PM EST – Villan throws a challenge to Bellamkonda to save Kajal in 45 mins or else she will die… now the time tickles for Bellamkonda….. the race starts now…..

11.55PM EST – Bellamkonda Saves Kajal at the same time villain kidnapped hero’s mother it’s time for climax fight. movie come to end.

Overall first half was much better than the second half. Summing up its an average film it may work only at C centers only, as it has more mass elements in it. The twists in the movie were good, let us see how this movie will sustain in box offices. Most of the songs were eye candy on the screen. The main leads of the film were good with Bellamkonda as a cop is quite impressive…

Live Rating: 2.5/5.0