Keeravani’s shocking statement on RRR

Keeravani RRR BGM Baahubali

Last updated on March 15th, 2019 at 03:07 pm

RRR is the film everyone is watching out for with bated breath. Rajamouli’s movies are known not just for screenplay, grandeur, and action but also terrific BGM scored by Keeravani. Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu, Magadheera, Eega, Baahubali’s BGM are memorable to even this day and gives us goosebumps whenever we see those movies.

Keeravani who has already started working on the music and BGM of RRR, has promised that this time the soundtrack will be even bigger and better than Baahubali series. For this, he is planning to import new age technology from the US and also technicians who will give a different touch to the background score.

Suddala Ashok Teja has been roped in to pen the lyrics of the film.

The film is a period drama and there are a lot of speculations going around. One has to now wait and watch if Rajamouli and his team will clear all of that in his press meet tomorrow.

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