Keshava Movie Review

Movie:       Keshava 

Rating:      2.75/5

Director:   Sudhir Varma

Behind the Screens

Young Hero Nikhil impressed the audience with his unique story selection. He came up with another interesting subject with his today’s release, Keshava. His last film, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada ended up as his career best and Nikhil is looking back to replicate the result once again with Keshava. Check Out how Keshava Impressed the audience.


Keshava (Nikhil) loses his parents in a car accident in his childhood. He loses his parents while he and his sister only survive. On the other side, Keshava suffers from a rare heart disease. He has his heart on the right side and should always keep his anger or tension in check. Any mental or physical tension will ruin his health. In this situation, he goes on a killing spree and rest is all about what happens in the tussle between him, the miscreants and the Police.

Star Shine:

Nikhil came up with an intense performance in a character which is keen on revenge for his parents’ death. Even though the character requires him to be serious, we get him the feel he is being monotonous. Ritu Varma is seen as his co-student. She is good in the short role she has got. Vennela Kishore is excellent with his subtle comedy. Pellichoopulu fame Priyadarshi is the hero’s friend and is just okay. Isha Koppikar in her comeback as an IPS Officer makes a stunning comeback. Rao Ramesh, Ajay, Brahmani, Raja Ravindra are adequate.


Keshava is a Crime Thriller which has got a simple story but runs completely on the screenplay. He ensured that the movie has got a stylish narration. Vennela Kishore’s comedy is just passable. But then, there are other things which would have been good if addressed properly. The Right Side Heart Disorder of Nikhil has got nothing with the story. Elevating the proceedings through this problem would have given a different touch to the film but the director Sudhir Varma missed it out. There is no suspense at all and more over, you get a feel the director hurried into the second half and give you an open feel even by the time of climax. You can feel it okay if you go with absolutely no expectations.


Sudhir Varma banked on his penchant Stylish Narration to drive home the Crime Thriller. He ensured that unnecessary commercial elements do not foil the film. He should have used the novel point of Right Side Heart to drive the point effectively. Sunny MR came up with an average music. Prashant Pillai’s Background score has worked in a big way. Diwakar Mani’s Cinematography is superb and the lighting used gives an intense feel to the film. Editing is sleek and the Art direction compliments the theme. Production Values of Abhishek Pictures are top notch.

Movie Marks:

Revenge drama told in a stylish way which ends a short of a Gripping. Appeals to limited section of audience.


Cast: Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Vennela Kishore and Others

Story, Direction, and Screenplay: Sudhir Varma

Producer: Abhishek Nama

Music: Sunny MR

Background Score: Prashant Pillai

Cinematographer: Diwakar Mani

Editor: SR Sekkhar

Banner: Abhishek Pictures

Release date: May 19th, 2017

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