Khairatabad Ganesh Turns Eco-Friendly This Year

Khairatabad Ganesh is the most popular Ganesh Pandal with the Telugu People. The making of Khairatabad Ganesh begins in May every year but it is not the case this year. The Utsav Committee dropped the plans of a Huge statue this year. However, the committee is planning to go for a clay idol this time. It will be 27 feet high and will appear as ‘Dhanvanthri Ganesh’ this time.

All the rituals will take place every year. However, there will be no immersion procession and the idol will be immersed at the same place by pouring water. Vinayaka Chaviti is on August 22 this year. Darshans will not be allowed on a large scale. Every year, the statue will be made by 150 people from West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and Telugu states for four months. Approximately one crore rupees is going to be spent on this.