Ko Ante Koti movie Review

Ko Ante Koti movie Review

Movie:                    Ko Ante Koti 

Rating :                  2.5/5

Director:               Anish Yohan Kuruvilla

Behind the screens

Yound hero Sarvanand who earned a name for himself with different quality films like ‘PRasthanam’,’Gamyam’,’Journey’ came with ‘Ko Ante Koti’ this time. He is even producing the film and with Sri Hari in the team in special role, expectaions are high on the project. Let us see the result of the film.

Story Line

Small time thief Vamsi(Sarvanand) who wants to lead a peaceful life forgetting all his past is not allowed to do so by a jail inmate Maya Master (Srihari) who threaten him to tip his existence to police as he escaped from jail unless he join hands with him and his gang to loot Diamond House, a place where corrupt hides their black money. What happens next and whether every thing goes according to the plan should be found out on silver screen.

Star Shine

Sarvarand showcased his talent once again while Srihari shone in the cameo. Priya Anand performed her role with ease. Other cast played their part accordingly.


Anish Kuruvilla chose a different storyline and interesting story. However the film suffers from weak screenplay as viewers get confused with the narration. Entire first half is so slow that people gets restless. Some of the twists and robbery episode was shot well. However the film lacks the thrills and frils.SOme of the scenes included in the film lacks conviction.


Production values are good and it shows Sarvanand’s special interest in the project. Editing is Ok and could have been better. Music of Shaktikant is good and cinematography is natural.

Movie Marks

Overall Ko Ante Koti is below average film that lacks the final ‘Kick’.


Directed by     Anish Yohan Kuruvilla
Produced by     Sharwanand
Starring     Sharwanand,Priya Anand,Sri Hari
Music by     Shakti Kanth
Cinematography     Erukulla Rakesh
Naveen Yadav
Studio     Sarvaa Arts
Release date(s)         December 28, 2012

Ko Ante Koti movie Review
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