Koratala’s Huge Blunder With Megastar?

Koratala shiva( file photo)

Hyderabad: Chiranjeevi’s most ambitious venture Sye Raa had hit the screens this month and did satisfactory business in the Telugu States though it was a washout in other areas. Even in Telugu states it didn’t turn out to be a bumper blockbuster for the distributors and was at most a break-even project. Many in the trade have tried to analyze the underperformance of Sye Raa and most of them have been seen quoting that Sye Raa lacked the usual elements that a Megastar film promises like huge dance pieces, sumptuous glamor, rib-tickling comedy, and massy dialogues. Sye Raa in spite of being a rabble-rousing film, the masses couldn’t connect with the film as it lacked the basic ingredients of a Megastar film which the audience expects in abundance. Just for this reason, many good films of Chiranjeevi in the past have tanked at the box office like Rudraveena, Chantabbayi, Apathbandhavudu.

Now Megastar is gearing up for his next biggie under the direction of blockbuster director Koratala Siva who has never seen the face of a flop in his career. If rumors are to be believed this time Koratala is going to take another burning issue in society, that of the endowments department and it deals with the temples and governance of temple boards and scams that happen in the name of god. Rumors also suggest that the film will not have any commercial elements and even the songs will play a catalyst in the story and will not be shot for entertainment purposes. This is indeed a huge risk right now because the audience expects all the commercial elements in Chiranjeevi film and no one would like to watch a 3 hour documentary in the theater spending hundreds of rupees on tickets.

We just hope Koratala Siva knows what weed he is smoking and comes up with a Blockbuster movie that Mega fans are expecting from him.