Kota’s last warning to MAA

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Senior most character artist Kota Srinivasa Rao is always known for his dynamic ‘on-the-face’ speech when it comes to defending the rights of Telugu people in Tollywood. This time he spewed venom on the same issue and said that he expects the new team of MAA association to take resolve this issue.

“I’m not against non-Telugu actors working in Tollywood, but unless those actors are as talented as Nana Patekar. It hurts the sentiments of Telugu actor to play assistants to these amateur Hindi, Tamil actors who can’t even dub their own lines. And producers are paying in lakhs and crores to such worthless actors. I feel that this system should be changed. Give more prominence to talented Telugu actors than useless non-Telugu actors” said Kota

“To grow physically you need mother’s milk and to grow culturally you need mother tongue” adds Kota. The issue Kota is addressing is genuine and logical but who will pay heed to his advice only God knows.

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