Krishnam Vande Jagadgurm movie Review

Movie. :        Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

Director:     Krish

Rating  : 3.25/5

Behind the scenes

RaNa who is in search of a hit teamed up with creative director Krish. Both are saying ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’ in an innovatively titled film. Krish is eyeing for a hattrick after ‘Gamyam’ and ‘Vedam’. Let us see whether he will be able to impress movie lovers and make them present a hattrick hit or not.

Story Line

B.Tech Babu (RaNa), grandson of renowned theater artist Subramanyam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) is forced to go to Bellary to take part in a play ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’ on famous Surabhi Drama Company. After going there to keep up his promise to his grandfather, he finds out some startling connection between the area, himself and powerful mining don and politician Reddappa (Milind Gunaji), Chakravarthy (Murali Sharma). Though Devika (Nayanatara), a documentary writer try to expose the mining mafia and he is well beyond her reach. What is the connection between B.Tech Babu and Bellary’s mafia dons should be found out on silver screen.

Star Shine

RaNa for the first time got a challenging role to showcase his acting talent. Even in his debut film ‘Leader’ he got more of a passive role, but here he carried the entire film on his shoulders. He came up with one of the powerful performances in recent times. His Dialogue delivery and emotions are great while he is performing the stage Plays.Nayanatara looked beautiful especially in the song ‘Arare Pasi Manasa’ and supported RaNa in the film. Milind Gunaji showed his cruelty as a villain. Posani Krishna Murali in the character of Tippu Sultan played a thoughtful role in the film while Brahmanandam in the role of Rampam made us laugh, LB Sriram in the role of Mattiraju performed well and Raghu Babu also tried to make people laugh with their comedy tracks.


Krish for all his creativity gained popularity only with ‘A’ class viewers. This may be due to the fact that his ideas would be beyond the thinking capacity of masses. However this time he emerged successful in striking chord with even ‘B’ and ‘C’ centers by including all commercial elements in this film. Venky cameo is well appreciated and a song ‘Sye Andhri Naanu’ with Sameera Reddy gives high voltage to the masses. Short duration of the story satisfies all classes which is loaded with RaNa’s powerful action sequences. The film may be transformation of sorts for Krish and now he proved himself that he will not restrict himself to only’ A’ class viewers. First half is a bit slow but pace picks up gradually. Placement of songs could have been better. Script and dialogues are above to the mark.Intervel bang and Climax is well taken.

Production values of First Frames Entertainment are of high standard. VS.Gunasekhar’s cinematography beautified the film. Manisharma’s music is Ok. Choreography is good and stunt director should be complimented for the superb stunts. Editing could have been better in the first half.

Final Shot

Krish delivers knockout punch on mining mafia-politicians nexus with RaNa’s power. One must have to see this kind of good concept oriented film and it is made by Krish with few commercial elements.


Directed by     Krish
Produced by     Saibabu Jagarlamudi,Y Rajeev Reddy
Starring     RaNa Daggubati, Nayantara
Music by     Mani Sharma
Cinematography     V S Gnanasekhar
Studio     First Frame Entertainment
Distributed by     7 Seas Inc (overseas)
Release date(s)  November 30, 2012

Language     Telugu