Lakshmi Manchu Drops Politics

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Lakshmi Manchu is one actress who continues to churn films one after the other irrespective of their results. She is trying her luck once again at the box office this weekend with a thriller, Wife of Ram. In the movie, she works for an NGO and is the wife of Ram. The whole story is all about how a small incident involving my husband takes things to different lengths in the story.

In the promotions of the film, Lakshmi was mentioned about her interest in politics previously. “Initially, Its true I had a thought but things have become worse now. I feel that I cannot survive in such an environment and would like to keep away from it as of now. When the right time comes, I might think about it later,” she said. Wife of Ram will have stiff competition from Raj Tharun’s Lover, Chandra Siddharth’s Aatagadharaa Siva, and another small movie, Parichayam all releasing this weekend. Lakshmi Manchu does not have a hit for a very long time and so she will be eagerly waiting for the film to work at the box office. It has to be seen what is in store for her this time at the box office.

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