Lakshmi Rai furious on Airlines

Kanchanamala Cable TV” fame, leggy lass, Lakshmi Rai is furious. The actress who was bound for Belgaum for a family celebration could not do so because of a private airline’s utter lack of co-ordination. Says Lakshmi Rai, "As there were no direct flights to Belgaum from Chennai, I planned to fly to Bangalore, take a connecting flight to Hubli, and from there drive down to Belgaum". 

Continues the actress, "My flight to Bangalore was scheduled to leave at 5.45 am, took off only at 7.30 am. I’d expressed my apprehension stating that this late take-off could result in my missing the connecting flight from Bangalore to Hubli and I was assured that this flight, also with the same airline, would be delayed. But, to my horror, on landing in Bangalore, we realized that the Hubli flight had left. When I confronted the authorities, they said they could put me on the same flight for the next day. I pointed out that I’d only one day at my disposal. Then they suggested I take the only other connecting flight to Hubli, which was from Mumbai. Since it was the airline’s fault, I asked them to provide me with a business class ticket from Bangalore to Mumbai. They took forever to come back to me. By this time, I’d called my production guys who sent me a ticket to Mumbai saying that the matter could be resolved later, and I needed to catch the connecting flight first”. 

She continues, "Even this flight was delayed. Finally, after taking our boarding passes and allotting a flight, they made us board another delayed Mumbai- bound flight. On landing in Mumbai, we discovered that our luggage had gone missing! Thanks to this high degree of inefficiency, I’m now staying in Mumbai and can visit my sister and her newborn only after Deepavali".